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  • Experienced guides
  • ​Bow only
  • Low pressure
  • Pre-hung stands
  • Baited stands
  • ​Non baited stands
  • Mature Bucks


You will arrive on the day before your first deer hunting day and get settled in camp. We will have a meeting that evening going over your hunt plans, answer questions, etc. The deer hunt starts the following morning. 

Pre-hung tree stands 

  Safety harnesses required. You will not be allowed to hunt without a safety harness! ​
We pick the stands determined by wind direction, current scouting information from trail cams and past experience. Stands are strategically placed near food sources and travel corridors to and from bedding areas.  The majority of our stands are ladder sticks and Hang on stands.  Our stands are all 20 foot or higher.  If you are considering hunting with us it's important you are comfortable with these type set ups.  Ladder stands and Ground blinds are rarely used. 

Saddle hunterswelcome

 If you're confident hunting out of a saddle bring it. I have several trees with steps ready that are much better for a saddle than a hang on.

Hunting cabin

You will find our cabin neat and clean. We try to keep it that way. Our Hunting Cabin has a full kitchen, bathroom with a shower,  4 bunk beds, a pull out couch and dining area.  We provide linens, towels and wash clothes. The yard has plenty of room with a fire pit, archery targets and deer hanging rack.

  • Dinner-  After a day of hunting you can expect a home cooked hearty meal to help you with a good night rest.

Management Plan
We are big fans of Quality Deer Management only allowing bucks 130 inches and larger to be harvested which means you probably will be passing up young bucks while in pursuit of a wall hanger. Look at our photo gallery and social media to see the quality of deer on our hunting grounds. They grow big if you let em.
There are times we will allow a client to shoot a below minimum buck that we consider a cull buck. There is a fine of $800.00 if you shoot a deer under the minimum size requirement. If you draw blood on a deer your hunt is over on our private land. Depending on the circumstance you may pay a wounding fee of $600.00 and be allowed to finish your hunt. You may also hunt public land at no charge just a few miles from the cabin. 
These rules are in place to keep our management goals on track and to encourage clients to always be selective in the shots you take. Sometimes you have to pass a shooter if you can’t get a good shot. That is part of bow hunting.
If you enjoy the challenge of bow hunting for a big buck, we will do our best to help put the odds in your favor.

Baiting is legal in Ohio and we take advantage of the use of locally grown corn and apples to help draw and keep deer feeding on our hunting grounds. 

Hunting License

Ohio sells all their hunting licenses over the counter or online.   Click on ODNR for license and rules and regulations. Download the Ohio HuntFish App for easy deer check in.
Be prepared 

Everything runs smoother when you show up at camp with your bow tuned, gear organized, hunting license and tag purchased ready for the week. 

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