• Three night, three day spring turkey hunt- $750

 An abundance of Clover fields mixed with open hardwoods present habitat ideal for Turkey hunting .We have lots of Turkey on our hunting grounds and will point you in the right direction for a good chance at a big Tom...Our hunting grounds have perfect vantage points of the surrounding area with road beds for easy access. You can hunt road beds, open hardwoods or the edge of fields. Come join us this spring for a great chance at a Turkey and a good time in SE Ohio. SE Ohio is a downright gorgeous place to spend a morning in the woods.

​* Includes breakfast, & accommodations

Call Roy for rates and availability.

2023 Hunting Packages


Bow hunting on private property, pre-hung baited and non-baited tree stands, meals, and lodging. 

                Four Days, Five nights

                Five Days, Six nights               



  •  Opening day thru Oct.16 

The rut may be the best time to see deer all day but early season bow hunting can offer great opportunities to hunt the biggest bucks on the property. The bucks are often in bachelor groups and on a fairly predictable feed pattern.  We work hard to get the bucks coming to key locations. The first three weeks we

hunt afternoons only on food sources.


  • Oct. 17th thru Nov.30th

This is when bucks spend the most time on their feet seeking, fighting, chasing, making rubs and scrapes and breeding...Definitely an exciting time to be in a tree stand here in SE Ohio. All day hunts are highly recommended.  


  •  If you can stand the cold Ohio weather, this is a great opportunity to catch a buck on his feet during the daylight.  Late season cold weather and a shortage of food works in our advantage as we keep the food out and the pressure off.  Similar to early season the deer become more predictable. This is also a good time to put a tag on a doe and fill the freezer. 

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required at the time of booking, we will accept checks, money orders or certified checks. The balance is due by August 15th. 
OHIO ARCHERY OUTFITTERS (OAO) Cancellation Policy and Disclaimer
Once we have received deposit or payment in full the reservation is made on behalf of the guest and the cancellation policy is in affect.
Cancellation Policy:
Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies. We run an extremely high quality, tight margin program, with limited space. This policy accompanies all OAO packages.
1) Deposits are non refund-able.
2) If you cancel before 30 days prior to the first day of the hunt  that you are registered for, your deposit can be used for another date if we have an opening. This is valid for the same hunting season.
3) If you cancel within 30 days of the first day of your hunt, you will only receive a refund if we can fill your spot. Your deposit is non refund-able, but can be use towards a future date of the same season if we have an opening.
4) There is no refund for arriving late or leaving early. There are no partial refunds for any services not used while  at camp.
5) OAO is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for a canceled trip, such as airline tickets, or for costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellation or illness.
6) All cancellations must be received in writing sent via US Mail or thru e-mail Lisaandroy09@gmail.com
If you have any questions regarding our cancellation policy,  please call for a detailed explanation.

  • Experienced guides
  • ​Bow only
  • Low pressure
  • Pre-hung stands
  • Baited stands
  • ​Non baited stands
  • Mature Bucks

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